Ad Sales Team 

Contact Local Merchants
Establish a list of Family/Friends
Develop a Target list
Create a WYS Story
Reference Previous Game Program
Explain the placement process
Help select Ad size


3-5 Volunteers

Ticket Sales Team

Work with Players on Sales
Personally sell 
Identify Groups
-    Flag Football Teams
-    Youth Football ie. Pop Warner

3-5 Volunteers

Administrative Team

Track Ticket Sales
Attend Volunteer Meetings 
General Admin. Assistance
Input email addresses

1-2 Volunteers

Event Team

Attend Kickoff Meetings
Distribute Parent/Player Packets
Attend Banquet
Attend Practices
Interact and Support Practices
Support Coaches as needed
1-2 Volunteers

Booster Club Team

Contact Top 20 Booster Clubs
Develop a Target list of Families
Tell the All-Star Game Story
Reference Previous Game Program
Encourage Next Year’s Team  
Provide Scholarship Tickets
Create a Parking Lot Team Builder
Add to Game Spirit

2-4 Volunteers

Sponsor Sales Team

Identify Possible Corporate Sponsors
Set Appointment 
Team with WYS Member 
Meet and Present Options

2-4 Volunteers

Website Team

Gather Game History
Re-type Old Game Rosters
Attend Volunteer Meetings 
General Admin. Assistance

1-2 Volunteers

Database Team

Form Affiliations w/ Organizations
Gather email addresses
Input into CRM Format

Alumni “Former Players/Coaches”

Identify All-Stars to NFL
Add to Database
Solicit Support

2-4 Volunteers

Social Media Team

Establish social media links
Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin 
Create Appropriate Blogs
Update Outreach Communications
Broadcast Messages to Sponsors
Communicate with Alumni Groups

2-4 Volunteers

PR Team

Interface with Print Media
Communicate with Cable Stations
Write Newsworthy Press Releases
Promote Game and WYS

1-2 Volunteers


Key contact with H.S. Bands
Co-ordinate Cheer Squads
Manage Outside Resources 
(Lighting, Vocals, Street Entertainment) for tailgating
Solicit pre-game/halftime help
NFL Players – Signing

1-2 Volunteers 

Coaches Advisory

Select 3-5 Coaches from N & S
Select 3-5 Retired Advisors
   (Meet 2-3 Times a Year)
Criteria Established

10-12 Volunteers

Name *

For more information on getting involved contact:
Fred de Avila
Charity Game Chairman