Western Youth Services 


Advancing awareness, cultivating success, and strengthening communities through integrated mental health services for children, youth, and families. Western Youth Services is the leading expert in mental health and wellness solutions in Orange County. For over 40 years, WYS has been providing integrated services and programs that empower children, families and communities to succeed.

We work within the community and youth serving organizations that face the full range of challenges brought forth by a child’s circumstances, both behavioral and emotional, that are committed to minimize these issues and create new pathways. We have redefined mental health solutions to deliver a system of integrated services - from 

prevention and early intervention, through intensive services. We provide a comprehensive range of Evidence-Based Treatments and services, with proven, positive results We ensure access to care for all children in the community through our One-Door™ into the full system of care. What separates WYS from other services agencies or consulting groups is our integrated solutions philosophy, our custom tailored programs, and our transformative integrated service models, program delivery strategies, as well as innovative funding strategies that maximize and expand their impact.

For more information, please visit our site at http://www.westernyouthservices.org.


Orange County Youth Foundation

The Orange County Youth Foundation (OCYF) was founded in 1958 as the Brea Lions Club’s primary means of raising funds used to support various charitable and beneficent organizations in Orange County.  The first game was played in August 1959 at the Santa Ana Bowl (Eddie West Field/Santa Ana District Stadium). 

OCYF’s purpose is to conduct an annual North-South All-Star Prep School Football Game in the County of Orange and to contribute the profits of said football game to needy and deserving children of the County of Orange.  It was founded to support various Youth Charities, either directly or through other charitable organizations, such as Western Youth Services. 

The OCYF is the Brea Lions principal mechanism to receive gifts, solicit funds, hold, manage and disburse money and property, both real and personal, and to foster community interest and participation in the annual North-South All-Star Prep School Football Game. The Club has raised well over $2,000,000.

This year’s game will mark 56 years that OCYF has been successfully satisfying this purpose.